About Us

FIND A MINISTRY is a Platform for Finding Churches, Ministers, and Ministries and Helping them to Find You and Yours. Show your Ministry! Find Ministries!! Connect to Ministries!!!


We live in a world sworn to dismantle all barriers to information, connectivity, and information (or idea) sharing. Thank God for the Internet; and for Google, YouTube, Hangouts, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tweeter, LinkedIn, and for their likes who are helping us find what or who we’re looking as well as helping others to find us. The purpose of this website is to create a pool and search engine for Christian ministries that makes it possible, and easier, for established or emerging ministries to both get found and find other ministries. It's a place to see others and be seen by them. We serve you in three ways.



In John 7:4, the brothers of Jesus of Nazareth said to Him, “...No one does anything in secret while he himself seeks to be known openly. If You do these things, show Yourself to the world". If you have a ministry, why not let the world know about it. We’re here to help you? This website helps emerging Christian ministers and ministries (or churches) to create a free profile page that gives them some visibility and helps others find them and what they do. Every Christian Minister or ministry can create a free account on this website. It's absolutely free for you. We are paying whatever it should cost you.



This website seeks to serve people who want to find Christian ministries and ministers in the areas of their choice. Using our search feature, you can find what and who you’re looking for - search by name, category, or location.



Isolation is destructive in this century. Don’t try go it all alone. Success in this season has so much to do with finding and connecting to your kind and company. This website wants to help you find and connect to people of kindred spirit. Someone, somewhere, needs what you’ve got; just as you need what someone somewhere has got. It would be our pleasure to help you meet the ministries you’re looking for; as well as the ministries looking for you.